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    For a long time, I used the freetherd and Palm hotspot packages to connect via Wi-Fi, but never got Bluetooth or USB internet access working. My goal was to someday get at least free bluetooth tethering working. Finally, I managed to figure out what was wrong (with my understanding of the tethering situation on my Sprint Palm Pre) and have been able to get a positive resolution. This post comes to you from a Windows 7 laptop tethered to my Sprint Palm Pre via bluetooth. Instructions on how to do this follow, note if you already have Hotspot Wi-Fi tethering working on your Palm Pre via the Palm Hotspot and freetherd, then you only need to install freetether (just skip down to the freether instructions below).

    It took me a while to get tethering working, and I really didn't understand what was going on. I'm writing this post in the hope it will help others. I realize somewhere on this forum all the information has already been provided. I'm trying to offer as complete an install guide as possible, with a bit of anecdotal information that may be helpful to users trying. The best part is this tethering solution is absolutely free.

    Basic instructions for first time tethering users follow:

    First you need to root your Pre. To do this, open the keyboard, and with nothing else running, or attached to the keyboard (nothing in full screen mode) type the following - upupdowndownleftrightleftrightbastart ... after you type that string a developer mode icon will appear, touch it, a screen appears, if developer mode is off, turn it on then reboot your Pre. Upon reboot you will have a rooted Pre.

    Without attaching your Pre to your PC or Laptop, download the WebOS quick installer. Instructions on how to do it are here - as I type this (today) the installer is at - you can click that link and just download the installer. Over time, the installer will be updated, and you'll eventually need to go to the folder listed first to find the most recent installer.

    Upon launch the installer will download the Palm OS doctor this can take a while, and is downloaded from the Palm website. It will install a bit of junk, just let it run.

    As a heads up the WebOS installer is a java program, and will require Java if you don't have it already installed. If you do have Java, you may wish to make certain it is a recent version. On Windows you can launch java from the control panel, then select the update tab and check for updates. If it finds any, let it update to the most current version.

    In a related folder, after the WebOS installer is downloaded and working on your PC or laptop, download the Palm (aka Verizon) HotSpot application at - MEGAUPLOAD - The leading online storage and file delivery service this should go into a folder near your WebOS installer file. The megaupload site makes you wait for 40 seconds while it shows advertisements before allowing you to download the file. The name of the file will be - there are other places that have this file. This is the one I used.

    The Verizon hotspot application doesn't work by default on a Sprint Palm Pre. The capability to enable that is the freetetherd package. Freetherd enables ipforwarding, which allows devices to connect to the Palm Pre and be forwarded out over internet via NAT (Network Address Translation, essentially a very simple home type router) You get the freetherd package from Index of /feeds/webos-internals/testing/armv7/ folder (note Palm Pre specific apps are under the armv7 feed at this site). The file needed is us.ryanhope.freetetherd_0.0.3_armv7.ipk ... you can also download this file by clicking - after you have these files downloaded it is possible to get the hotspot running.

    Bluetooth instructions follow:

    To get bluetooth tethering running there is another piece required, and that is freether (which is not the same as the freetetherd app mentioned above). The freether package sits in the Index of /feeds/webos-internals/testing/all/ folder, specifically it is at - . My lack of understanding resulted in me not installing freether, without freether, freetherd can't be adjusted to forward bluetooth and enable bluetooth tethering.

    If you have installed the WebOS quick installer (which despite its name takes a while to install on a PC or laptop) and rooted your Sprint Palm Pre, and if you have the 3 files listed above downloaded (the hotspot, freetetherd and freetether) then you are set to go.

    Launch the WebOS quick installer, then attach your Sprint Palm Pre to the phone. Press the + button, and browse for the folder where the Verizon hotspot lives. Install the hotspot. This should work without any trouble.

    After the hotspot is installed, it should appear as an application on your Palm Pre, unfortunately it will be a non working application at this time. To get it running, you next need to install the freetherd application.

    Freetherd has had issues for me on and off, sometimes it installs without issues, sometimes I get a few errors, other times a lot, error numbers tend to repeat, I've seen error numbers 2, 4 and 7. Whenever these numbers appear the install usually fails. Why the freetetherd package fails to install is still a bit of a mystery to me. If someone understands the install process better than I (which would be most anyone) could you please reply and explain. Generally when the install of freetetherd fails, my best luck has been to detach the phone, reboot it, then after boot to reattach to the PC or laptop and attempt another install. Amazingly after a few shots, it eventually goes in. My experience has been unless the package installs without any error message it won't work.

    After the Verizon and tetherd application are installed, it should be possible to enable the Wi-Fi hotspot. You do this by selecting the Palm HotSpot icon in your application list, and turning the button to on. If it turns on instantly without any message, it is likely that freetherd wasn't installed or wasn't installed correctly. Usually it will take a few seconds then give an indication that Wi-Fi is enabled and no devices are attached.

    To get Bluetooth to tether, requires the freether package. It was mentioned in the above package list. Once you have the hotspot and freetherd working, reconnect your rooted Palm Pre and install the freether application. If installed with a working freetherd, you should be able to open freether from your application list, and enable ip forwarding. If you install freether, and freetherd is either not installed, or the install somehow failed, freether will indicate IP forwarding is enabled, but if you close then re-open the application it will say disabled.

    Once freether, freeteherd and hotspot are installed, you can select your desired tethering mode. You may tether as bluetooth or Wi-Fi, but these seem to be mutually exclusive. Also you can't be a Wi-Fi client while using either (to the best of my understanding). To tether as Wi-Fi, use the Wi-Fi hotspot application, and just slide the button from off to on, this will enable Wi-Fi tethering on your Pre. If you wish to enable Bluetooth tethering, turn off Wi-Fi tethering, make certain you aren't a Wi-Fi client, then turn on Bluetooth. Once you have paired your bluetooth phone with a bluetooth PC or laptop, you can then (assuming you are using Windows 7) right click the phone icon in the bluetooth settings page and select connect to access point. After a few seconds, you should be able to access internet via bluetooth from your laptop (or PC). I haven't done this with other operating systems, and how to enable the access point feature on them is beyond my understanding at this time.

    Currently this post is being entered via a laptop tethered to a Sprint Palm Pre via bluetooth using the files mentioned above, I have double checked all the links mentioned above, and have downloaded each file to verify that the links work (at least prior to post, what precentral does with the post is anyones guess). The speed isn't anything to write home about about 350kb down and 180kb up +-, however it is good enough to surf with.

    Bluetooth doesn't seem to need the power Wi-Fi needs, my battery seems to be lasting longer via bluetooth than Wi-Fi and the phone seems much cooler.

    I hope this helps.
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    Will this work on a Pixi, since Sprint Pixi's don't have wifi?
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    Quote Originally Posted by ISU_phoria View Post
    Will this work on a Pixi, since Sprint Pixi's don't have wifi?
    I don't know, the Pixi is beyond my experience. I do know you'd need to use the Pixi version of freetetherd no matter what. My understanding is the Pixi uses an ARM V6 (an ARM V7 CPU is used by the Pre). The Pixi version of freetherd is here - Index of /feeds/webos-internals/testing/armv6/ the Pixi version of freetherd would be at - ... note that is for today, at the end of May in 2010. In the future there may be a different version required.

    I see instructions here -

    The instructions assume you know how to install preware onto your Pixi. Preware is installed via the quickinstaller (described above), but instead of hitting the plus, you click on the blue down arrow (under the green +) on the quickinstall screen. You may have to change feeds to find it, the feed with preware in it has a fairly short list. Once preware is installed in your Pixi, most of the stuff quickinstall can do can be done by your phone without any need to use the quickinstall.

    I haven't yet tried usb tethering, but it's next on my list. My goal with this post was to explain more or less how to tether via Wi-Fi and or bluetooth with some detail and background that may be helpful to other novices such as myself.

    The mixed results with USB tethering have me a bit concerned about trying to implement, but I will probably eventually get around to it.

    Good luck!
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    Thanks for the feedback. The Pixi should be able to do bluetooth tethering, shouldn't it?
    I had usb tethering on my Pre for a while and had some consistency problems with it, so I am not really interested in USB tethering on my wife's Pixi.
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    Thanks for the write-up...looks good.

    Everything seemed to install properly, and I can access the internet from my laptop and Ipad through the WiFi Tether.

    Quote: "Once freether, freeteherd and hotspot are installed, you can select your desired tethering mode."

    Where do I select my desired tethering mode? In freeTether there is a preferences line in the dropdown menu, but it's gray (I can't chose it). I've enabled ip forwarding...just stuck.

    I'm probably missing something obvious.

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    Quote Originally Posted by miniminister View Post
    Thanks for the write-up...looks good.

    Everything seemed to install properly, and I can access the internet from my laptop and Ipad through the WiFi Tether.

    Quote: "Once freether, freeteherd and hotspot are installed, you can select your desired tethering mode."

    Where do I select my desired tethering mode? In freeTether there is a preferences line in the dropdown menu, but it's gray (I can't chose it). I've enabled ip forwarding...just stuck.

    I'm probably missing something obvious.

    I apologize, on re-read my statement wasn't clear. You select Wi-Fi by enabling it on your hotspot icon (there is an on/off slider), if you wish to use bluetooth to tether enable bluetooth (with the hotspot off, you must decide to use either the hotspot for Wi-Fi OR bluetooth, but not both at the same time) a similar slider exists to enable bluetooth. On my Windows 7 laptop, once I pair my phone and laptop via bluetooth, I right click on the Palm Pre icon and select connect to access point. After that, I'm connected via bluetooth from my laptop out to internet via my Palm Pre. I have only paired using bluetooth with a Windows 7 laptop. It was easy relatively easy and intuitive.

    Note if you try to use your Palm Pre as an access point via bluetooth, and IP Forwarding isn't set as enabled in freetether, then a Sprint error message will appear denying the request. Freetether is used to configure freetherd and enable ip forwarding for bluetooth functionality.

    Please let me know if this was or wasn't helpful, if it wasn't, I'll try again.
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    Works Great............Thanks
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    i'm confused. for the sprint pre do i just need to dl and install just[/url] or do i need to dl and install the other stuff too?
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    oh i should have mentioned i am just trying to tether no blue tooth sorry.
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    Quote Originally Posted by gmarquez1976 View Post
    oh i should have mentioned i am just trying to tether no blue tooth sorry.
    To just run the Wi-Fi hotspot all you need is freetetherd and the Palm HotSpot application. I don't know if the Wi-Fi application is in any of the feeds for preware, I believe freetether and freetetherd are.
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    I purchased a bluetooth usb for my laptop for the purpose of using it for my Rocketfish bluetooth stereo headset and realized that I could tether my Pre+ to my laptop. I am unsure if this uses the 3g connection (unlimited data) or my allotment of data (5 gb) from my hotspot. I will looking into this further.

    If anyone can confirm this or shed more light on this for me I would greatly appreciate it.

    The bluetooth usb was purchased at Walmart for $20
    I managed to get it up in running in about ten minutes.
    When the bluetooth network says it is connected it reads 2.1 mbps, though on stated only 1.71 mb/s download, with 0.39 upload and a ping of 323ms. What is ping? I have no clue.

    I was able to watch hulu videos with no problem, however, I couldn't use both bluetooth headset and my phone as a bluetooth modem at the same time. When I tried, the sound and picture was out of sync. If anyone knows a solution to this let me know (without having to buy another usb bluetooth).
    (wow, i use a lot of ( )'s)
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    Hi ,

    I followed the instructions as listed in OP's post

    and i have tried numerous times to install the freetethered and i always got the Error 4.

    The exact error i am getting is:

    ERROR: An error occurred while attempting to install us.ryanhope.freetetherd_0.0.3_armv7.ipk

    Clearing state_want and state_flag for pkg:us.ryanhope.freetetherd (arch_priority=0 flag=16 want=2 )

    An error occurred, return value =4

    Collected errors:
    Cannot find package us.ryanhope.freetetherd.
    Check the spelling or perhaps run 'ipkg update'
    I am not sure what i am missing here..

    Do i need to update any thing else ??

    I was able to install the HotSPot and freetether with out any issues ..

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    I'm having some issues with bluetooth tethering. I've had WiFi tethering working on my AT&T Pre+, but as noted, it sucks down battery and gets the phone running hot. I figured I'd give bluetooth tethering a shot, but after installing freetether, and pairing my phone to my Windows 7 laptop, the phone is grayed out on my laptop, and the laptop is grayed out on my phone. I do not get Connect to Access Point when I right click on my phone. Also, freetether shows my bluetooth IP as NULL. Any ideas on how to get this working?
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    I am also having an issue installing us.ryanhope.freetetherd_0.0.3_armv7.ipk it seemed to work with people before. please help!
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    Planning on doing this over the weekend - the posts are extremely helpful. It is very clear what to do with quick install - can some one point out where exactly to find the ipk files freetherd and freether from Preware (Where inside Available Packages? Patch?) I am trying to avoid connecting to laptop through USB and doing it all OTA. It should be possible right? I won't ask about Mobile Hotspot app because that topic is taboo Just recently overclocked and running on 1 Ghz UberKernel , its grrreat!

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