Hi, quick background on me: . I've been a pre owner since August 27th (launch day in canada), and have followed this phone since it was announced at ces. I have my google reader bringing me news from a bunch of sites, including precentral, and engadget. I use google news on daily bases, and read most palm articles. This is part of the reason i'm confused about number 1.

1. What's the rumours/ most concrete news on the tablet. The problem is i read different sites, and different sites get different news on different days. And i've seen way to many posts contradicting each on the tablet. Some say it's coming as soon as octobre, and the windows tablet has been canned, others say they are both coming. Some say windows tablet coming this year, and web-os next. And i'm really confused.

2. Even though I have never developed a program (besides following step by step instructions), I try to follow the development part as much as i can. I've read allot about pdk/sdk hybrid apps, and how it's needed to make some apps, but i don't understand it.

From my understanding the hybrid tools is pretty much you can use the sdk to quickly make things, and then use the pdk for more intense stuff. (please correct me if i'm wrong). But i don't get why that would be needed for development of an app, doesn't the pdk have access to all the system features the sdk does?

3.Why doesn't palm have more leaks? A guy leaves a phone at a bar, another at the gym before it's even announced. Some other phone gets filmed before we know anything about it. Yet palm manages to have 0 leaks. Their was some on the pixie, but that was sprint data base. No major leaks, i don't get it. Not even on system updates.. (except that need for speed one, that was amazing, but no one even believed him)

4. Why so my Engelish bad very is?

Thank you for your time