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    In the UK app catalogue there are only two Laminar Research apps currently available, X-Plane 9 and Giant Fighting Robots. Contrast that to the US app catalogue which contains a further eight apps. With this in mind I contacted Laminar Research at the start of the month to ask if there was a timeframe for releasing the rest of the X-Plane series for the Palm Pre into the international app catalogue. The response I got was that the Palm port had been 'very disappointing in terms of revenue and volume, so we will not spend too much time there in the future'. I queried their stance but have yet to receive a response so I have just emailed again a few minutes ago.

    What this means is everyone outside of the US are left with only two apps, despite the rest of them being complete and it being very easy to make them available worldwide. It also means Laminar Research are clearly focused on developing for their PC and Apple platforms primarily.

    I personally find this very disappointing. I think it was obvious that X-Plane would only appeal to a small demographic of webOS users and the price would put anyone else off taking a punt. However it was great fun and a good glimpse at what was possible on webOS. I had been looking forward to the other apps and the potential for them on the HP Slate but alas it was not to be. Hopefully the acquisition by HP forces Laminar Research into a rethink and will result in more developers taking notice of the platform.
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    So I had a little whine and got a fairly prompt email back apologising for the lack of initial response. There is some good/bad news. In relation to the international app catalogue the absence of apps was unintentional and they are looking into it. They agree that there is little point in not releasing the apps to everyone as the work has already been done porting them over and it would help with regard to brand awareness and possibly revenue. In short the decision to put webOS to one side was because their revenue was far higher for their Apple apps which is understandable given the install base. They also state that they will be happy to revisit their decision in future.
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    It is a convergence device not mankind's disc/filmography.
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    I found their response interesting. I went and checked out their app download stats to see how they were doing. Here is what I found. All prices were $9.99 except Giant Fighting Robots which is $4.99.

    XPlane Glider - 298 downloads
    XPlane 9 - 5180
    XPlane Carrier - 2300
    XPlane Racing - 471
    XPlane Extreme - 637
    XPlane Helicopter - 345
    XPlane Space Shuttle - 564
    Xplane Apollo - 433
    Xplane Airliner - 596
    Giant Fighting Robots - 653

    Thats a total of 11,527 downloads for a total of $111,889.73
    Since Palm gets 30% that would be $78,322.81 of income over a period of 5 months.

    Of course I understand that some of the stats are due to people downloading again from getting new phones or for whatever reason so that means they probably have not made this much money over this time.

    I guess their original response came as a surprise since I'm sure they have easily made their money back from the work done on porting these games to the Pre and then some. I'm sure they had some idea of the general size of the Pre user base or at least knew it was the not on the iphone level or even close. As they stated in their more tempered response in the second email that they had already done the porting work so there is really no reason to not make it available to the international market. The problem is that they are charging $9.99 on games that are all very similar in look and feel. That makes them some of the most expensive apps/games in the app catalog. I do know that is the same price they charge for most of their games on the iphone/ipad but that market is over 50 million people for the iphone alone not including itouch owners. I do have two of their games and think they are great so I would love to see them offer updates like they have been doing for iphone users but their responses makes me think that they will not be offering any updates to WebOS users unless thins turn around with HP at the helm.
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    The wait continues...

    I will give them until the 25th then they will be receiving a less than diplomatic email.
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    It is a convergence device not mankind's disc/filmography.
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    Does anyone know the breakdown of Pixi to Pre sales? If the 1.4.5 makes the games available to the Pixi users, the user base may suddenly jump. And when HP comes out with WebOS tablets, and if their research numbers are even close, then the user base will really increase.
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    Honestly, I think their games are overpriced and as mentioned above very repetitive. It seems to be they probably could get more overall revenue if they lowered their price point a bit..
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