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  • New WebOS Device

    53 60.92%
  • Mic/Camera Access

    8 9.20%
  • Document Editing

    12 13.79%
  • Flash

    14 16.09%
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    I voted for device.
    I hope the next-gen is sturdier. I babied my Pre and it still looks like hell.
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    i can happily live with the device I have for quite a while
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    My life is a meaningless mess without a new product announcement.
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    i want bar refaeli in my next update
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    I, too, wish the GPS fix (Verizon) and Audible were on the list, but I voted for doc editing, which is a more fundamental shortcoming in the available apps. I really like the form factor (Pre+) so am not eager for a new device, unless it allowed for a battery that would get me all the way through my work day.
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    Out of those, document editing would be the most useful for me. Not bound by those four choices, my top two wants for webOS would be an i.TV-like app (including the TiVo control) and a program to track my home brewing.
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