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    Not that this is a SERIOUS issue, but it's been bugging me a little for some time now.... when I look at the e-mails in my trash folder, many of them are showing up as unread, when I know for certain I read them first before deleting them. But it's not consistent, seems to be no rhyme or reason as to which e-mails show up as read vs unread in the trash folder.

    Does this happen with anyone else, and if so anyone know what the cause is?

    As I said, it's not a serious issue, although it would be nice if the only deleted e-mails shown as unread would be the ones I swiped away without opening.

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    just do a wedos doc and things will be bck to normal. It's just a slight glitch in your email settings.
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    I have the Pre Plus on Verizon and this happens to me as well on my Exchange account only. Everything thing works normal on my gmail account. I just assumed it is a timing issue with the server. I agree it is annoying but definitely not a show stopper.

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