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    i just opened a thread yesterday about email having 2 different default notifications when the screen is either ON or OFF.

    it looks like sms does the same thing. can someone confirm the following?

    --sms is received
    --turn on the screen and you see the preview message and a little sms icon

    --sms is received
    --you only see the little sms icon. no preview of the message unless you tap the icon

    when i'm using different apps, i would like the sms to show the preview so i know whether to reply immediately or to ignore it. now i have to tap it, then see. it's 1 extra step of tapping, but gets annoying..

    don't really know why Palm would implement the notification differently for screen ON vs OFF... any patches out there to "always show" the notification instead of just the icon sometimes?
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    ok. i did a couple more test SMS and this is what i found:

    when the screen is OFF:
    you get a snippet of the text, a big SMS icon on the left side of the banner and the banner is "big"

    when the screen is ON:
    you also get a snippet of the text, but the banner is "small" and you get a small SMS icon on the left side. after a second or 2, the snippet disappears and the SMS icon moves to the right side.

    so, it's just a bit of "UI confusion" to see the same function implemented differently. it still does what it needs to do, but a little annoying.

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