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    I'm one of the many who have only recently become a member of the HomeBrew fan club. So far I haven't looked back, and am enjoying the fruits of those folks that have made the HomeBrew community what it is.

    My question is this. When I tell people what I'm doing, I hear stories about how bad it is to Jailbreak, or to unlock your phone, and the horrible things that either the carriers, or insurance companies will bear down on me with if I need to make a claim.

    I realize that using HomeBrew stuff comes with some risk and accept that, but judging from the comments made by PALM to the developer community about how good and open the WebOS platform is I began to wonder. It almost sounds like they want the HomeBrewers to keep on doing what they're doing?!

    As far as I understand, unlocking lets me use a phone on any carrier, and jailbreaking allows me to use programs, or apps, that are not made by, or endorsed by the phones manufacturer.

    Where do we, as the consumers, and fans of this WebOS, do or think?

    Just askin!

    PS: Where's the developer that will bring us the ultimate PIM?
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    While Palm will always take the stance of "we don't endorse unauthorized changes to the phone", they have made it easier for homebrewers to do so. They even spoke about it at Google I/O

    They made it easier to get the phone into developer mode - used to be just "upupdowndownleftrightleftrightbastart" now you can do "webos20090606".

    Other than overclocking, I don't think that Palm or Sprint or whoever can invalidate a warranty or insurance claim. That being said, feel free to overclock and patch. Just return your phone to "stock" before you take it in to be looked at.
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    Jailbreaking and Unlocking are terms which don't really fit the Pre Homebrew.

    Jailbreaking usually means to actually hack and rewrite parts of the source to allow changes, this usually invalidates the system, is against all the terms of use, many times is irreversible, and prevents updating to future OS releases.

    Unlocking generally is allowing you to use a phone on another service provider, which has been done on the Pre, but you probably aren't.

    While these two things are potentially harmful and against the terms of use of the phone, homebrew on the Pre is completely different. The Internals team uses the installation measures of the OS, and in early stages the linux underpins. Patches are changes which affect just the javascript of the files, and themes just switch around files.

    Homebrew on the Pre is nearly 100% safe, especially with the doctor, and like pre_daddy said, the only really invalidating, warranty-voiding, patches are the over-clocking ones, obviously. It is nothing like the hacking done on the iPhone and some other phones, it's comparing rotten Apples to gold.
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    For us it's 'rooting' and they made it simple by letting us go into dev mode.

    how people should see it is that this phone is a mini computer shipped with a redesigned linux os, webOS, which created by palm for us to play with. Fully open as if we bought a computer from dell with ubuntu preinstalled.

    in agreement with the others, the downside is that we're not supposed to change how webOS works but we can change how ubuntu works even though what we can change is a huge positive over a certain amount of risk

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