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    I am experiencing a weird behavior with the Contact app:

    1) when I try to edit an existing contact, it shows up as a blank one, as if I was creating a new contact from scratch. Actually, the contact data is there, but somehow hidden! When changing it (so, actually, writing back from scratch), it does change, but can't see the original contents.
    2) When creating a new contact, I can't add a phone number, while I can add other items (email, address, URL, etc). Saving it and then editing it, goes back to point 1. Thus, the only way to save a phone number is dialing it, then saving it from the Phone app.

    I removed any contacts-related patch, uninstalled Super contacts, rebooted, removed and added again my (main) Google account, but nothing changed. Any suggestions, before doctoring my phone?
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    any clue?
  3.    #3 seems I've found the reason of that weird behavior. It seems that no one cares but maybe some other Italiano around will appreciate it.... because actually it's a glitch of the Italian interface of WebOS. I switched to English, and it works perfectly.

    I'd like Palm to be aware of this issue so they could fix it in the next WebOS update, does anyone know of a mail address I could write to?
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    there is a "suggestion" link on Palm's site. You can also send a PM to hardbeatz in this forum and he can direct you. He works for Palm support.

    And, you can go to the Palm support forum and open up a live chat with a tier 1 palm tech. once you've proven the issue, they will open a ticket and you will probably have an escalation tech call you. Same happened to me when I identified a bug last month...
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    Thanks, I've posted the bug to the Palm Support Forum
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    Hi there,
    could you please post the link to your thread in the palm support forum?

    I have exactly the same problem with me GSM Pre (O2 Germany) and I'm currently trying your workaround with switching the language to english.
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    There you go: Re: [BUG] Editing contacts with italian language s... - Palm Support Community so it seems it's not just an "Italian" problem....

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