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    before I put this in do I need to uninstall govnah and uber kernal or just set it at 500 or what should I do? I already have but my phone keeps telling me I have an update and it's really annoying so I'm going to just install it and see what happens.
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    Turn the govnah to palm default. Update to, they are both ipdate safe. After the update and your phone has restarted. Go into preware, it may say to update uber kernel, do so if it does, otherwise just crank your govnah back to whatever after the update.
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    i tried the preware restore a few days ago. It seemed to hang on UberKernel (I had migrated back to the standard kernel) but the uberkernel icon was still on a launcher page. After several phone restarts and several hours, I deleted it from the launcher and the preware list, and then it moved ahead fine. It was simple to reinstall uberkernel from preware...

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