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    Afternoon folks. My name is Mike and I run I just received a freshly unwrapped AT&T Palm Pre and am putting it through it's paces. SO far I've downloaded the usual Facebook, Tweed, and Weather Channel apps.

    Give me a crash course guys and gals. Tell me what you know! Help me flog this Pre!
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    Sprint Pre- Meta-Doctor 2.1.0 w/Flash

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    Homebrews, Preware & WebOS Quick Install are all good places to start.

    Be warned, once you start patching, you'll get hooked! Lol
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    In those links get quickinstall so you can install Preware. With Preware you can get Uberkernel and Govna to overclock your Pre.

    Get a few patches, such as those that let you add more launcher pages, maybe the iPhone iCons theme so it looks like an iPhone....

    I run more than 50 patches to customize my phone. A few minutes in Preware and you will be patching up a storm.

    ps, patching is what it is called here, other places they are roms or mods...
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    patching = rom -- got it. How high can you overclock the Pre Plus and how much does it affect battery life?
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    You can overclock to 800mhz and there are minimal effects to battery and some even swear they have improved battery life
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    Quote Originally Posted by mnorris12706 View Post
    patching = rom -- got it. How high can you overclock the Pre Plus and how much does it affect battery life?
    Nope. More like patching = OS core.

    Embedded devices are a little bit more complex these days. The "firmware" of the Pre is only used as a bootloader.

    FWIW, I have the 600MHz Luna Patch on mine and it actually improved battery life.
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    By using Govnah or one of the other o/c governers, you can set min and max speeds so that it slows down when not needed... Personnally, I haven't noticed much difference at all in battery life with my phone o/c'd. I run 800Mhz while in use and 500Mhz when I'm not using it.

    As far as aps and other patches, the main ones that I use are...

    Enable Add/Delete Pages in launcher
    4x4 icons (launcher)
    Music Player (Remix)

    These are just a few of many that I have. You'll just have to look around and see what you'd think is useful...
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    yep, 800mhz seems to improve battery life.

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