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    I was reading another thread and saw this:

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    I haven't seen one in the wild yet... I think I'm the only person in the entire city of Asheville. Everyone asks me what phone I have and web I say Pre Plus they normally say "Oh, I hear those were really slow and crappy".
    We really need to band together and do something about this and get the word out about how good the phone really is and what it can do. Sure it has it's limitations but what phone doesn't.

    If you have twitter you could use the hash and tweet about #WebOS #Palm #Pre stuff like that.
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    search for "viral" and you will see a long thread where users are doing this stuff. Make sure you visit sites that sell Palm phones and post reviews, etc.

    Also, you will find a link to a palmspot contest for the best user-created commercial videos. There is even an app in the catalog to collect the videos for easy viewing. Go to the app catalog and search for "palmspot"

    Then PM a moderator and ask them to close this thread...
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    Yeah I found the palmspot thing awhile ago.

    I tried searching but didn't think to search for viral.

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