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    I admit I am not sold on the idea of a webos printer, except maybe at the high-end.

    Here are things that could be good about it:
    1. Synergy - I imagine a corporation with hundreds of faxes/printers could instantly have the corporate numbers updated, or a list of vendors/insurers/etc.
    2. Remote support -the printers would be better able to self-diagnose and send data to a remote location. I bet the high-end ones do this already?
    3. For home users, as others have pointed out, ability to print directly from Facebook, Kodak, etc.
    4. As a quick hack, maybe they could release a Phone/Tablet app that can upload to the HP, which could then download to a local printer. This would help fix a hole in WebOS until they have printer support.
    5. Some printer-centric webos app to enable more games/forms available, like some of their high-end home devices have now (mazes, sudoko, checklists, etc.). Maybe tax forms? News papers/magazines? Maybe you can create your own custom feeds on the tablet, and on the printer actually have your custom feeds printed?
    7. Real printer support!!! The Treo's could print, but not the Pre's? Add bluetooth printer support, at least for the key apps and maybe webos/web pages?

    My worry is that that OS would become fractured, a la Windows (Win CE, Windows 7, Windows Mobile, etc.). Probably has to happen, for the different form factor involved (small or no touchscreen, etc.).
    Visor Deluxe->Visor Prism/Digital Link->Treo 650->Treo 700p->Pre->GSM Unlocked Pre 2 (wifi only)->FrankenPre + Touchpad 32 ->+ Touchpad 4G ATT + ATT Pre3 + 64 White Touchpad... bliss.
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    PDF - directly from the phone to the printer.

    Maps - find a location. Pick a zoom level. Send it to the printer. Better would be to build some navigation, so a plotted route gets printed too.
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    Multiple apps on the printer's display. User could be sorting through pics on a flash card while another app is queueing and printing. Another app could be wataching for print requests on the network, etc. Each of these apps could have gui elements which allows the operator of the printer to view their status. In this way each function of the printer can be handled by a different webOS application.

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