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    I had to get a replacement phone not too long ago (only my first), and I backed up everything except for my contacts on accident. Normally, that shouldn't have mattered since everything's saved in the Palm Profile, but after activating my new phone, none of my contacts showed up. What really peaved me was that it restored all of my apps and even which order I had had them laid out, but it didn't restore the most crucial bit of information. I got in contact with Palm and started troubleshooting immediately. It seemed like and endless journey of partial erases, about six in total, and sending logs. Days and Days passed and I lost all hope of getting my contacts back, but finally, on this very day, the data set Palm chose to use as my backup struck gold and restored everything back, even my memos. I thought Palm was just running me around in circles, but I see that wasn't the case. Has anyone else had to go through such lengths to get their contacts back?
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    Congratz to you for being patient and palm for doing the work and succeeding

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