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    Did I just miss this? I clicked on a video link on for a Saturday Night Live and it launched a video window and played!

    Then I tried a Biggest Loser link and the video player opened again and it worked!
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    wow...pretty cool, had to bookmark
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    old news...but still good news. Full episodes and all.
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    NBC is using HTML5 then?
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    Now it is all choppy. It was working great earlier. Full episodes of Fallon and Saturday Night Live, Tonight Show, Parks and Rec, Marriage Ref., Minute to Win it,... I don't remember any full episodes like this. I guess I just missed it.

    Edit: I turned off WiFi and it came through great on 3G. I guess my Tivo started downloading something and hogged the WiFi.
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    ah yeah if you have sprint it's on sprint tv nothing new..
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    Thanks for reminding me to check that. I hate the Sprint TV UI so I haven't been opening it. I have to see what all is in there.

    I can't believe I didn't notice though. It didn't show up in a forum or P|C search either. I haven't found any other networks serving that much video online to mobile. Even searchin Android Central I found one post that announced it, followed by 6 or 7 comments that it was unusable because it was choppy.
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    nice find ... they also have full episodes of some classic shows.
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    I can't seem to get full episodes. All I get are "latest clips." They play okay, but how are others getting to the full episodes? I have tried using wireless and the data connection. Neither one offers full episodes. I specifically tried The Office because others had said full episodes were available, but no luck there, either.
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    this was posted on the P|C front page not long ago. You get a lot of clips, but I haven't seen any full episodes - unless they updated it...
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    Basically any HTML5 supported website should run on WebOS. The recent change for this is because of the iPad though. Providers wanted to expand to the iPad craze so they created HTML5 compatible websites with video instead of relying on Flash.

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    I think they might be pulling back. I noticed there were hardly any now.
    Wasn't there a news story where NBC said they weren't going to retool everything in HTML 5 just to get on the iPad (and iPhone and all Flashless devices?

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