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    With HP now buying out Palm. Do you think HP will have some special syncing capabilities with Palm devices now? I know we all have the DTA, but abilities that can allow us to sync with our HP laptops or desktops to the point where I can have full control (document editing, desktop control, view control panels etc.) over my laptop through my Pre? Just wondering
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    That's what i was wondering to, i would be a great one-up over the iphone to be able to wirelessly check comp data on the move
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    yea I agree, I have a HP laptop, would be cool to have full wireless access to my laptop whenever I'm on the go
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    I would like for this to happen as well. I have a Hp Photosmart Premium all in one printer and the ability to send pics from the phone to the printer via wifi or my network would be great. My wife's iphone has an app for HP printers called HP Iprint that can do this so hopefully we can see an app developed by someone here or HP soon.

    First post BTW, hello everyone Picking up a Pre Plus this weekend on ATT

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