Hi Community, first of all sorry for my bad English.

I have 2 Problems with my Palm Pre and WebOS Quick Install.

When I try to install bigger Applications I get this Error

[I have only 1 Post so I can't Post it with the [img] Tags sorry!]


I don't know how to solve this I read this Thread at the End it says WebOS Doctor can solve it, but I already flashed my Device to the newest OS and here in Germany it is WebOS 1.4.1 and I get the Errors, so I don't understand how the WebOS Doctor can fix this Problems

With This Thread I mean this one


But I also get a Failure when I try to install small Applications like Preware (500kb)

[I have only 1 Post so I can't Post it with the [img] Tags sorry!]


I am a total Noob with the OS, it would be great, if someone know how to fix this Problems, that She or He could explain it Step by Step.

thanks for your Time

Best Regards