Did a search in the forums and to my surprise I didn't find much chatter about it; the lack of volume control (and then some) on the headset/earphone.

I've just sent a suggestion to Palm about implementing the API's for it, regardless of the devices not being supplied with accessories that would utilize such API's. There are plenty of options made for the iP that we could purchase until we all get a new kick *** HPalm phone.

I find playing music sometimes bothering me as tracks have different volume levels and some types of tracks are way more "noisy" than the previous track, thus quick access to the volume would be really helpful and highly appreciated.

Maybe some more of you miss support for these functions and would bother to ask Palm for them?!

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How would you like the feature to work?
OS support for controlling the volume from the headset/earphone in addition to the system having API's to catch a control commands like a long press and triple-press, enabling applications to support for instance "previous track" and "fast forward".

Why is this feature important to you? Please be as detailed as possible as to how this feature will help you.
The lack of volume adjustment control on the earphone cable and the difficulty of determining what is up and down on the volume buttons on the device when it's in a loose pocket, sometimes makes listening to music a hassle when the volume is varying between tracks. Even if the phone is not supplied with a remote control headset, there are many in the market that could be used if the API where implemented giving the device a significantly better media experience.