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    I don't know what happened to my Pre! I was trying to install an app from the app catalog and it kept saying the installation failed. I did a restart, tried to install the app again, and it asked me to restart my device since I wasn't signed into my palm profile.

    Now, it appears to be on the start up palm profile sign in screen (not sure what it's called). There are clouds in the background and the "processing" circle spinning in the middle. I tried closing the program, typing, but nothing works.

    Here's the problem. I live in an area not covered by Sprint, so all I have at home is Wi-Fi. I think I remembered reading it has to use cell network to get this setup and it's not possible to do over Wi-Fi.

    Is there anything I can do?? I use this as an alarm and I need to get up in 5 hours!
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    It may be related to this problem:

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