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    I was curious if html5 video would play on a pre. found a page to test it out on and apparently it does work, although something is definitely wrong with the formatting of the page in "Unnamed WebKit Browser Card" (does it have a name?)

    “Video For Everybody” Test Page
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    I tested it out, the video moves around the page, got it to line up with the screen. but it would be nice if you could double tap and have it go full screen like flash. good quality too, no lag or studders.

    Sprint Pre- Meta-Doctor 2.1.0 w/Flash

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    I tested that video out as well on my Palm Pre. If you enlarge the screen, the video plays perfect as a full screen. I would like to see more videos like that to test out the Pre. Other than that, no lag, good sound, great colors.
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    glitchy...but shows promise
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    Quote Originally Posted by kel101 View Post
    glitchy...but shows promise
    Nah...when you stream it,works perfect. That's it, screw flash! If the pre can stream movies like this on html5, who the hell needs flash. It looks very promising.
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    I doubt this is actually html5.. I bet its actually streaming a suitable codec when it detects the browser.. In firefox for me, it says its ogg playing..

    so until you can tell 100% which codec its using, then don't get your hopes up.

    edit - just noticed the chart on the bottom.. Says html5/mp4.. So maybe I'm completely wrong.. Which is great!
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    Yeah cool, but my pre didn't like the formatting on that page, little clip ran good tho.

    I want a longer test, like say 2+ minutes and see how things run after 30 seconds or longer.
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    I had to press the download button to run it... Should that be the way?
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    I'm going to make a basic HTML5 test page with a long video (5 minutes) to see how it handles larger/longer files.

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