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    Quickoffice want to know what our mobile sidekick for summer travel is. I, of course, will be taking my Palm Pre. Excellent camera, all my music, driving directions, looking at multiple websites, each in its own card for side-by-side comparisons of places and activities...and true multi-tasking that allows me to do it all at the same time!!! What other operating system lets you do that?

    If you are of the mind to chime in, here's the link: What's your travel sidekick? It's moderated, so be polite! =)

    Maybe we can give them another strong showing and help them decide to start working on Quickoffice for webOS.
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    Sigh. The press release linked off tht page makes no mention of WebOS
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    Wow, they have published _no_ comments. They didn't even send an email telling me my comment was rejected. At least they have been responsive on twitter and other social media. I know that they have to make good and prudent business decisions, but man I am getting impatient. In 3 weeks it will be one year since launch. I'm not sure how much longer I can wait.

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