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    Is that possible to ignore some of the folders in the photo viewer.. I downloaded some maps in png format for Maptools, and all the maps show up in my photo viewer and is annoying.
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    i dont think it's possible to ignore then because the pre will search for photos everywhere on your phone....what u can do though is put all the maps in a folder labeled "zzzzz" or something like that so the folder will be the last folder
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    too bad.. hope that we will have a patch.. I think I probably not the only one with the problem..
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    update Your Maptool, because now the maps are stored in a folder
    called .MapTool (notice the . in front).
    In linux (and that is the underlying kernel of webos) the dot denotes an hidden Folder or file.
    Any hidden folder or file is not indexed and so won't show in photoviewer

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    I also noticed that if you have a digit at the start of the folder name, it seems to be ignored, though I need to confirm it.

    I did find that once I renamed my folder so it didn't start with a digit, it STILL wasn't visible. I did a restart, then took a photo and saved it, and one (or both) of those steps seemed to refresh the visible folders, and I could once again see my folder.
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