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    during training at work my phone restarted it self which happen a few times a week, however this time when it restart it took me to english/french page as if when I first got my phone and turned it on. Now I have several issues with my phone.
    1. All my apps I have downloaded is gone, when I open app catolog it says I have no app installed.
    2. Preware is gone and it took all my patches with it except the ones I have installed via quick instal.
    3. It takes me about 30 seconds to open an email. (btw I was macking with this girl via email)
    4. No msn or fb. I'm guessing that's because all my patches are gone.

    I need help with what to do. Should I doctor my phone?

    I believe my uber kernel still working cause its pretty fast.

    help guys and girls I need some suggestion.
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    Give it the doctor....if it happens again, return it for a replacement.

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