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    Ladies and Gentlemen,
    Good Morning, Good Evening, and Good Night. I have spent the last 2 hours on YouTube watching videos of HTC EVO, and i will agree this is an incredible phone, however i personally do not believe it damage iPhone market because of the amazing marketing team Apple assemble.
    I love my Pre very much, however its old news to the market, bloggers and tech shows. HP+WebOS is a match made in heaven which they need a create a new device that will set it apart from any other cell phone and manufacture on the market. There is no need to create a device and label the "iPhone Killer" cause it will fail.
    As you may notice on the title above -fill in the blank-
    for example build-in app for TV remote control, DVR control and Home temperature control. These are feature consumer get excited about at the time of purchase. I understand these apps are be purchase however it add value when a customer have to swipe their credit cards.
    What would you like on your kick *** phone?
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