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    It appears that GoPayment is no longer available for webOS. My used HTC Evo 4G arrived yesterday, I plan to use it with the Square device and Android app. I'm sad to leave webOS for my telephony needs but at least I have my TouchPad.
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    I was just looking into this the other day, actually.

    I sent them another email. Can't hurt for everyone to keep asking....
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    "Thanks for your feedback. We're constantly working to expand the availability of our product based on the feedback we receive from our users. I'll be sure to document your feature request with the appropriate team. Keep an eye out for any updates!"

    Really, this is a pretty generic response, and it would be silly of them to say anything else. Still, never hurts to ask....
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    Got this earlier in the year (Sept 25th):

    Thanks for writing in! Right now, we only support the iOS and Android platforms. You can find a list of specific devices here:

    We don't have any current plans to support any other types of platforms beyond iOS and Android. Should this change in the future, we'll be sure to announce it. Keep an eye out for updates!

    Square Support​
    Translation: If they were going to support webOS, they'd have done it when it was still commercially viable. No chance in hell at this point, so I use Square without problem on my Photon 4G instead. It's awesome.

    Touchpad CM7/CM9 has an outstanding issue noted in its issues list concerning SQuare compatibility, so I expect to see compatibility with the Touchpad via Android sooner rather than later.
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    I have also made a request to Square re: Software Development request for a webOS version. Thanks for all of these fellow-user comments on WebosNation! This may be our small way that non-software webOS-users can pier together.

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    Folks - the chance of seeing this for webOS is nearly 0 at the moment. If Open webOS takes off, it could happen, but no processing company will create and/or port and certify a mobile payment app unless there is a HUGE demand. Payment processing is my business and even our company will only support Android and iOS right now because of PCI requirements.

    All apps must constantly meet federal PCI requirements for security and this is a fairly demanding (expensive) thing to support. It's simply not cost effective unless there is a good sized demand. We'll have to see what happens with Open webOS down the line to ever have a hope of seeing a Payment Processor willing to sink the money into creating, certifying, and maintaining a PCI compliant app for webOS. Keep your fingers crossed!
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