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    How is this not an immediate priority with Palm?!?! When the phone isn't on and working what good is the damn phone. At first I was thinking some of them may have been hardware quality, since that is terrible. (3rd Pre because of headset mode issue). But more and more I am realizing it is this damn operating system too. Random restarts when a text message or alarm is going off, or totally random and boots up in another language set. OS lockups that need to have a battery pull reset. We shouldn't have to reboot to get global search to come back or worse yet visit the DR. Also should not have to patch and overclock in order to make the phone usable and functioning. I know I am venting, but I have been an early adopter since the beginning, I love the logic of WebOS but it just is not working the way it should with consistency. If I actually listed all the **** that happens with this phone that shouldn't occur...I swear it would take up 2 pages. Yes I have doctored, yes I have patches. Yes I have overclocked, yes I have had multiple Pre's, yes this phone...and OS is just not living up to what it could and should be!!!!

    PS. This rant was inspired by yet another restart/lockup where I was late for something again because the alarm did not go off. I am done.
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    Lockups normally only happen if you clock below 500MHz, don't do that until WebOSInternals come up with a special kernelfix for that.
    The Luna restarts can be caused by Garbage Collection (I only read that in an article yesterday), I'm sure this will be improved with the next updates.
    From my experience turning off the developermode when not needed reduces the number of restarts a LOT.

    But I have to admit, I hate Luna-restarts too even though I was able to reduce them significantly by doing the above.
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    I get about 4 or so a week with 250 to 720 scaling.
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    haven't had a lockup or a random restart, been using the phone for 7months, no preware, (i patched some stuff myself).
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    it's just you... because I rayher enjoy random luna restarts.

    I have and app request for a random restart gererator. I am hoping soeone will create something soo.

    luna restarts FTW
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    I've been running uber-kernel in screenstate mode (800mhz when screen is lit, 500mhz when it's off) and I get less then one "random" reset per week (along with like 15 patches). I think it has something to do with processor scaling and garbage collection. i've been running jstop in auto-GC mode and it seems to keep the system stable.
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    Even when running the stock kernel at stock speeds, I still get frequent Luna restarts. So does my friend with a Pre. It's been a huge annoyance since 1.4.
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    I am running Preware with the Uber-Kernel/Govnah and I do not have an issue with the random restarts. My minimum speed is set at 550.
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    Sorry you're having such a problem. My Pre has actually been pretty stable, and seems to get more so with each release. I hardly ever see the "too many cards" error any more. I do an occasional Luna Restart when it gets a little sluggish (like every 3 or 4 days), and it perks right up. No overclock and only a few minor patches ... works great for me.
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    you will not be happy with any other device. Blackberry shouldn't have battery pulls, but it does. Android shouldn't have lag issues, but it does. It's the nature of the beast. A feature phone will not have luna restarts, I promise!
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    Preware with lots of patches and apps and I think I have had 5 restarts since day one.
    I don't experience this.
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    here is a tip. Turn dev mode off. Once Preware is loaded on your phone, you wont need it except the rare times you need quickinstall or doctor.

    That should actually improve stability and reduce restarts.
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    hardly ever get them
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    I'm actually quite shocked that people are getting resets like this. I probably get 2 or 3 luna resets per month and I bring my Pre to it's knees (with no overclocking). I had multiple X apps running at the same time causing serious hangs but still no resets. I'd be really curious to know what's doing it.

    - Phil -
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    I get these pretty frequently as well, and always, always, always when coming back from sleep. The trick mentioned in another thread seems to do the trick, though:

    Only hit the power button ONE time. Then wait. Eventually, the phone will wake up to lock screen.

    It seems to do the luna restart only when I press the button multiple times.
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    I got the same problem. For me, I think, that it's problem of webOS 1.4.1, because it started after update to this version (will explain later). Yes, I have preware with many patches and aplications, also in permanent developmode, but !!!

    ...after some other days of random Luna restarts (3-5 per day), I decided to completly reset and re-install whole phone to it's default. So, I synced my calendar and contacts with gmail, uninstalled NEAR all software by hand (left only PreClock, Facebook (for backing up my contacts linked with google address book, and some other software (2-3 pieces)), created backup to palm's profile, erased phone completly (device info/reset options/full erase), downloaded webOSdoctor and flashed it to last version 1.4.1 (for case, that last update was not done fully correctly). Then phone restarts and asked me for restore from palm's profile. Ok, I did that...

    Then I was little bit shocked, because not only, that I hadn't restored applications I backed up before, but I got restored some applications, which I stored in palm's profile some months ago... :/ Sure, Facebook contact linking with google address book also gone... nevermind...

    Ok, I decided to do full erase one more time, so now I uninstalled ALL software and did another backup again and then that full erase. After that, phone normally restarts, I restored backup from palm's profile (this time it was ok - so no 3rd applications in phone after that). Then I configured my gmail account to sync my address book and calendar back, Installed Facebook app and tried to manage contact linking again... and then Luna restarts again...i can say on clear phone...! ...yes I cannot say, that that backup on palm's profile is totally clear, but I had no other option, if I don't want to create another profile with another e-mail address and so...
    But I expect, that if phone is not in developement mode after flashing & erasing and had installed only one official application, then this cannot happen when I only browse though contact list, right?

    So... what now?

    P.S.: I also run memory test and it finnishes successfully...
    P.S.S: sorry for my "English"
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    I was having daily reboots until I both stopped using preware and stopped leaving the phone in develop mode.

    I don't know what to make of that but no reboots that I can recall in months.
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    I see most of my reboots after using/updating/dl'ing with preware. I'm not saying it's Preware, but something in that update process usually triggers one after the phone goes to sleep.
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    The only Luna Restart that I get is after installing stuff with Preware. Preware seems to kill some essential running apps (like Phone) and instability follow.

    Since 1.4.1, I hadn't had any luna restart not caused by Preware.

    Just take a one week break from Preware and you'll see (or do a Luna Restart after any app install from preware).

    I do hope that Preware will get a fix for this (I was hoping that it would have been fixed for their 1.0 release, but the issue is still there).
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    I still believe it's not just Preware.. the point is: no app should be able to crash Luna! WebOS has to be stable enough, and besides, Preware didn't cause Luna to crash before 1.4.x
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