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    Hello I am in serious shyte...the phone is brand new, i cant get it past the activation screen and i have already put the esn with sprint. called them gave them ESN and will not load saying it requires to be on network. would like step by step instructions or help on where to go to reinstall sprint completely back on phone or go back to pocket. either way.
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    Meta Doctor for PDA (wifi only)

    If you want to attach to Sprint, then I recommend that you go to your Sprint store. That will be your best bet.

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    well, I would run webos doctor on it, as long as it was originally a sprint pre. Grab it from, run it and it will reset the prl and everything else to factory settings... Although it will erase your phone. PM me if you need help
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    what can i possibly tell them at the store. But yeah i will try that out. thanks
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    if you run webos doctor, they won't be able to tell it was anything other then a sprint palm pre. if you webos doctor it and then bring it into the store or call sprint support, they will be able to add it to your account easily.

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