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    Background story: Google chrome is an open source web-browser made by google. It uses the same javascript engine that the pre uses for its browser, and other javascript apps (most web-os apps are javascript).

    Recent news: Google's google chrome team announced that they have made the javascript engine 30-35 percent faster. Since it's open source palm can implement it. And a palm employee recently tweeted the following:

    "I love it when V8 gets faster. The Web gets faster. webOS gets faster "


    Question: Does anyone here know how long this sort of thing usually takes to implement? Like how many man hours will it take, when we can expect it, etc..?

    Random comment: 800mhz patch or a new 1ghz device + gpu accelerated css + this, should equal a fairly fast phone.
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    You could look at past WebOS updates and see how often V8 was updated.

    It probably depends on whether the new v8 engine in Chrome was a .x -> .y kind of change, or a 1.x -> 2.y kind of change. Any idea what version of V8 the Chrome beta is using?

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