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    I can certainly call them but I cannot text them. I press the send button and the text goes blank. Does anyone know how to fix this?
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    i would suspect a problem with the number shown in the contact list... or maybe they are ignoring you? (grin)
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    there isn't anything wrong wit the number because I can call them.
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    And its a mobile number? are there any leading or trailing spaces in the number? Perhaps you can try re-typing the numbers in the contacts...

    It sounds like corrupted data. not sure what else to try...
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    Yeah I've put in the numbers several times with all different tags like mobile and other etc but nothing works. I can text them from my PC just not my phone. No clue why.
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    I had this problem with one contact.
    When I pushed the sms button the messaging application wouldn't even come up. Does that happen to you as well?

    The solution I found was to delete the contact and then do a full erase. Then reload your palm profile. I then added that person and had no more problems
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    Full erase? Wont I lose all my apps and settings and patches though? And yes it does do that.
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    apps will automatically e restored from uour palm profile. Preware has a mechanism to back up your patches. But I haven't tried it.
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    do the numbers you are trying to text have the area code in them?
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    Quote Originally Posted by vicvon View Post
    do the numbers you are trying to text have the area code in them?
    Yes I am not unfamiliar with how technology works. I guess I'll just have to wipe clean.
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    I had the same issues and started a thread about the SMS button not working for one contact for me... I also had a stuck Preware patch that wouldn't update correctly, so I just ended up doctoring and reinstalled everything.

    As they said, your apps will redownload and install over again. For the patches, I remember which ones I had so I went back and reinstalled those.

    It's kind of a pain, but it's like with Windows, gotta reinstall it every once in a while to clear out the garbage and glitches.
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    If you do a full erase, make sure you save your media to your computer. Those will be erased. Photos, Music, Video, and ringtones.

    Your patches will remain and you don't have to update them or anything.
    Once logged back into your palm profile after an erase your applications, contacts, memos, bookmarks will be automatically put back on your phone.

    I tried everything else, but it seems this is the only way.
    You can doctor if you want, but that will take longer...and you'll have to redo your patches.
    It will take you about an hour or so to do a full erase and then restore everything back.

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