thought that I should share this one with you. I know there are already several ways to listen to your entire music collection on the Pre. The Ampache server and the great ampache mobile app e.g.. Unfortunately I had problems with this setup so here's my solution.

You need:

- Your music collection on a samba share in your local network
- be able to log into your machine with ssh
- the great patch "Advanced Options in Launcher"

1.) Log into your webOS device and create a mountpoint somewhere in /media/internal.
2.) Mount your samba share: mount -t cifs -o user=<username>,password=<password> //ip_adress/share /media/internal/path_to_mountpoint
3.) Now all your files on the share are locally available. Unfortunately the webOS FileIndexer does not make them available to the standard music player. Use the "Advanced Options in Launcher" patch to "Rescan the Fileindexer".
4.) Start the standard webOS music player and listen to your entire music collection.

Note: Depending on the size of your music collection starting the music player for the first time may take some time. However this is just on the first startup, starting the application after the first launch does not take any longer than usual.

This should also work for other file types. Unfortunately I was not able to play video from a samba share with the standard video app. The files showed up in the application but it just would not play them.


PS: I'd really like to provide the link to the "Advanced Options in Launcher" patch but the PreCentral Forum keeps telling me that my "posting-f u" is not high enough to post links :-(