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    Tried searching and didn't see anything on this one.

    Is there a way either through WebOS or a patch to change the default save directory for the pictures / videos taken by the camera? I do know that there are patches out to work with the names of the pictures.

    My main drive behind this is to change the default camera save directory to my ZumoDrive directory on the phone. In doing so all pictures that i take would be autonomously synchronized to the cloud (read: interwebs). That way there is no need to plug my phone in to bulk transfer photos from my phone to my pc.

    Ideas / Thoughts?
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    Anyone know of a patch? Anyone willing to develop one?
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    Don't know of one....but if you download "internalz" ( a file manager) you can easily move them where ever you want on your pre...then you wouldn't have to plug it in to get them...
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    +1 would be great to auto sync photos to the cloud
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    Can Zumodrive not be pointed at a different or multiple directories?

    I wonder if you could make a soft link in your zumodrive directory that points to the DCIM folder. UNIX man pages : ln () Any *nix gurus want to share a thought on this idea?

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