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    so I have never really used twitter. Never really understood it at all or what was good about it or cared. However after seeing teeme in the app catalog I decided to try it. The interface is so inticing. It's like it tok webos and enhanced it to where it needed to be to stand out. Yes we do have one of the nicest Ui's, but it stil feels outdated and not far enoug ahead in some aspects. Let me explain, as someone who designes things constantly

    first of all the list widgets are too reminiscent of windows 98 with the flat midgrey and dimensional text feild dividers. What would need to be improved is simply a gradient of grey mixed with maybe a grey with a hint of color, or may just white or a lighter color depending on the app.

    second is that the whole system uses this grey, included dreary buttons, fades, and scrims. Grey is the dullest, color in terms of technial design, however many systems have been good at making it look more eye friendly by juicing it up, using gradients, mixing colors ect. For webos I think grey is alittle dull and I believe some of the elements should resemble the glass patch theme and others the elements from twee me. Twee me takes the lists gives them gradient backgrounds, makes the text dividers fade on opposite sides, and revamps the title area. These designs plus a variety of other little things in the app do not stray far from webos roots, but move forward with a much more elegant and impressive look. There's alot of great design in webos and I think that some subtle changes to the heavy use of dull gery and list dividers would make a huge difference in the overall looks of the system. Just my two cents I do work heavily on design and once I get to making my apps you can expect custom designs which run along the same lines, using webos as a base for something better love the os, just want to see it rise above.
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    I haven't used that twitter client, but I completely agree on the gray. The lists and colors are completely bland. I am not a design person, but what you say sounds good to me. Anything to make that gray and boring list stuff prettier!
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    I don't see this being changed by patches yet either, thoug if someone would like to try... Currently there are scrim patches however they don't always look pretty as some of the widgets seem to be dependent on the grey and when changing it, you will notice ugly grey cut outs on some elements. Also, I don't know if there's a way to change the text dividers. Anyway I will lok around prethemers files when I get internet back and see what I an find.

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