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    I didn't see a thread regarding this so I thought I'd start a discussion. With ATT's Pre + set to launch rumored with webos 1.4.2.

    Does anyone think this is an update we will all get similar to the pixi release and webos update or do you think this is what palm was referring to regarding different Webos versions being out for awhile?

    Verizon is at, who isn't right now?

    Sorry about the title, I just looked at it again..... a bit vague, Mods if you get a chance to change it, that'd be cool...
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    I think we'll probably get 1.4.2 coming up, they sure made it sound like it would be a minor update so I would expect a 1.4.5.

    At the moment Sprint has, and I believe that goes for Verizon now too.
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    Verizon is currently at as well. I'm curious as to what changes will be in 1.4.2.

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