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    Do you ever get horribly frustrated by random lag? Do you then begin to queue up as many button presses as possible until the phone reboots itself? Well, I do. I do it at least twice a month.
    FML scenario: Today, while using webOS, I clicked to edit a contact. Somewhere inside my pre a vat of liquid nitrogen must have been released, for it all froze into a gridlock. In the chill of unresponsiveness I quickly attempted to revive it by pressing the power button to dim the screen, opening and closing the keyboard, and pressed a multitude of buttons. Alas, it did realize it had lost its way but it did nary return to usability. A glowing palm screen thus appreared, informing me that every application I had been using, data saved or not, was gone from memory and the OS was indeed on a reboot path.

    Share your stories, I'm sure you have them that reflect this similar circumstance. What were you doing when your device spontaneously rebooted without warning? I love webOS... it's slick, it's functional, but egads it sure is bug-ridden.
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    Running Preware with 40 patches and never have had the random boots, my Pre is nearly a year old now.
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    I read somewhere that "any application installed via palm-install (or some other command like that), could cause the "random" reboots.

    I've seen that whenever I use Preware to install something, I get the reboots, always

    So, whenever I install something, I just reboot Luna
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    yep, usually after using preware, quickinstall, or a a bunch of gps apps at once...

    I recognize it about to happen, usually when the screen won't wake up. If I just open the slider it usually reboots.

    maybe once a week. My blackberry does that periodically, too.
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    Quote Originally Posted by netwrkr9 View Post
    Running Preware with 40 patches and never have had the random boots, my Pre is nearly a year old now.
    ha, with 40 patches, I bet you install/reboot often enough! LoL
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    When my pre lags xtra long. it does reboot itself...and rebooting lags enough as it is. i hate that...
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    I hate when this happens takes forever to reboot
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    Quote Originally Posted by hiono View Post
    I hate when this happens takes forever to reboot
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    preset reset has solved a lot of problems for me.
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    Try having this happen when you're using the Navigation to try to get somewhere you've never been to before...
    It's happened on a couple trips for me before; that's when I stop for coffee or food because I don't wanna sit and wait in the car for several minutes for it to startup...
    Although it was my fault for running too many apps at the same time.
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    Yup, I try not to do anything else why using navigation on my sprint pre, otherwise it's a guaranteed recipe for random reboot while traveling in unfamiliar territory.

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