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    I just posted an animation of my tablet mock up,

    Suggestions welcome. Keep in mind I never had time to do any real screen interface animation.


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    Impressive. I like it a lot.

    I was just itching to restate that I did not like the placement of the keypad and...BOOM! drops down flat! haha
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    that will never make it to market
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    Quote Originally Posted by gangland View Post
    that will never make it to market

    This is about his animation / mock-up skills. He is NOT tyring to design for HP-Palm
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    Well I would be totally surprised if it was even considered. This is just for fun in anticipation for some new gear.

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    that is awesome. I'd buy it instantly!

    I like the detachable BT keyboard
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    oh and don't let the doubting Thomases and other fud spreaders deter you. This is just thinking about the future. Appaerently some people never drew sketches of cars or planes or future things as kids.
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    Both the tablet and the keyboard could be charged that way when on the dock! Nice concept
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    No worries.

    thanks for the compliments. Can't wait for whatever device actually shows up.
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    Quote Originally Posted by brentdowney View Post
    No worries.

    thanks for the compliments. Can't wait for whatever device actually shows up.
    Hell. You may have ruined it for me. Now, I can just see something coming out and me being disappointed. "Awwwww. I like brentdowney's better!"

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    By the way. My name was in yesterdays podcast... About stuff in the forums... I nearly crapped my pants laughing because I heard my name on the internet. Thanks to the podcast guys!
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    nice animation!
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    thanks. New design coming soon.

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    My only issue is that the magnet might not be strong enough to hold the tablet. In that case, you need a small ledge to hold it up. At least that's my opinion. Love the video!
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    Fantastic and great animation. I love talented people especially those using LW3D.

    Great concept and congratulations on the animation. Sorli...
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    Tablet is good, but the station and keyboard looks a little too... tall? I definitely think it should be moved lower or something. Also maybe add the option to tilt it up and down like a laptop screen?
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    Damn! I couldn't invision anything better than that. Touchstone charging dock for the tablet and bluetooth keyboard and all. It would perfectly meld together a tablet PC and make it function as a desktop PC. If the guys at HP and Palm were not thinking of this possibility in the very near future when they merged (which I'm sure they did) then they would be absolute morons. That mock up has HUGE potential. I would be as giddy as an iCrap f@nboy in line at 1am to purchase at BestBuy the day it came out.
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    well, my kidney is goin on ebay...
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    Hey, thanks for all the comments!

    I agree with bnceo... a little too tall kind of makes it look a little tipsy... (if that's a word... that's how I felt last night ).

    Maybe widening the base of the stand? Or maybe shortening the width of the tablet by 3/4 of an inch? Maybe if the bottom part of the stand were more "weighted" it would feel more solid.

    I asked a colleague what he though and he agreed that it looked too tall as well.... he also asked if the magnet would hold up the tablet.... and I couldn't see why not. I pulled out my Pre, snapped it on my touchstone and proceeded to turn it upside down and shake it.... and then he said to me... yep, it will work.

    The one I am working on now is more like the Pre as far as aesthetics go but the keypad slides out flat but in landscape mode.... has a typical qwerty KB like the Pre but has Playstation gaming controls on the left.
    I'm still working on it (layout)... maybe someone has some ideas?
    After all, Palm is going for the gaming market, no?



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