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    I was just thinking, even though the amount of software the Pre/Pixi has needs to increase in order to compete with other smartphones, I almost feel that it would still need apps that can do what we really want and need. So what kind of apps do we need? I had a couple of thoughts. Not that I plan on seeing these anytime soon, or even expect anyone in the community to be able to release something like this, but here goes:

    Transformers 1 and 2
    Star Wars: The force unleashed.
    Star Wars: Racer type game.
    Spider-man Game
    Iron-Man Game.
    Some MMORPG
    An MLB Game
    An NBA Game
    An NFL Game
    An NHL Game
    An MLS Game
    A Pirates/Pirates Gold type game
    A Homebrew Mario and Sonic game.
    Emulators for the Commodore 64 (6000 games), and Amiga, Sega Genesis, PSX, MAME and others.
    Some fresh Adventure Games, like a port of AGS or even Runaway 1 and 2
    Games that make use of the Keyboard.
    Games from such as bookworm, Poppit, Word Whomp, Clue, etc
    Metal Gear Solid
    The secret of Monkey Island Remakes.
    A port of doodle jump.- That is a great game.
    An Age of Empires game

    NetFlix Streamer so we can watch our instant Queue on our phone
    An app to be able to place an order from our favorite restaurants
    A restaurant menu finder/viewer.
    Napster Mobile to Go software for the Pre.
    An ebook reader that can connect to Kindle and also offer page curls on page turns.
    A paypal App to transfer and receive money.
    A app
    A Sling player app.
    An alternative Navigation package such as Tom Tom or Garmin software, CoPilot etc..
    An app that can run
    An app that happens to locate the closest public restrooms for you. - Dont ask.
    A really good image editor.
    A Really really simple way to install a Linux FrontEnd Management software and a port of Aptitude/Synaptics to WebOS so we can easily download software and run it on the WebOS system.
    Something like this: The 10 Best Camera Apps for the iPhone - Hipstamatic - - Techland -
    An store app.
    Buying/downloading/viewing movies and tv shows.
    An updated Version of VZNavigator
    Google Navigator
    A viewer.
    A Weightwatchers App.
    A Voice Recorder
    An American Thesaurus
    An Orb Networks App
    An actual IM app (I know we have one, and I know Mundi is in the works)
    A TV Guide App
    A DJing App
    Something like the Androids Layar
    Firefox, Opera and Skyfire for Pre
    A DiVX/XVid Player
    A compression/decompression tool for RAR/Zip/ GZ/ 7Z files
    Worldmate app.

    Fun stuff:
    Beer mug- where you can tip the phone over and you start drinking out of the glass.
    Zippo lighter - I love that thing. It was my favorite app to play with on the iPhone. I would almost open that thing up 3 times a day atleast.
    An actual Piano, guitar player, Ocarina player or drum player. They have it available on Windows Mobile as well as iPhone.

    It seems like a lot. But lately we have been releasing this many apps every week or every other week. So its not a big list. But if we can eventually get all these types of apps, the pre/pixi can be very productive and very fun.. As much as the Android or iPhone.

    Not to mention my previous mentioned idea's of getting emulators going, J2ME, Flash and a native free ability to run PalmOS software and Linux software. With those capabilities, there can be unlimited apps we can use.

    What other apps do you think are a must for the future of the Pre/Pixi?
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    -FTP app with ability to save in local folder
    -File Editor app with ability to save different file extensions. (php, asp, html, css, etc.. )

    *not so important
    -Microsoft tag reader app: Microsoft Tag - Linking real life with the digital world
    -Touch Physics 2 :
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    Yeah I love the touch physics game. We have something similar for the PRE in the testing feeds I believe. Although no where near as professional as that, it still is pretty cool.
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    I'd try to port Star Wars: Racer eventually because I LOVE that game (nostalgia)... if I had a Pre or any WebOS phone for that matter.
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    Iambic Agendus with sync!
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    Tops on my list is a VPN client that will work with Cisco and Checkpoint...

    Other than that, just add all the features that were already on the PalmOS platform... that would cover most of it.

    The only iPhone app I wish I could get is Shazzam, to identify songs I hear. Verizon used to offer a service that does that as part of V-cast. Basically you played the song into the phone and a Verizon computer figured it out. Maybe what we need is for someone to find a service like that so we can just use that until something like Shazzam winds up on WebOS.

    Once they add back feaures like categories, separate colume controls, etc, the only other thing I want to do with my Pre (besides aceiving world peace) would be to be able to watch Hulu and Netflix. I don't care how (Flash, Silverlight, whatever). I just want to be able to access those streaming services.

    I suspect distribution rights may be as mich of a factor as getting an app made.
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    PSX and proper GBA emulator

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