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    Searched about this as I recently doctored my phone and now my MagicJack voicemail attachments dont work again.

    I know it was a problem in earlier versions of WebOS, but then got fixed with an OTA I guess. But now I am doctored to again and it is broken.

    I get it to download, then click the play button and nothing is heard, but I can see the pause button etc.

    Did I miss something, and searching the threads didnt get me nothing but old postings that were from previous WebOS versions where it was actually not working.
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    GSM WAV CODEC in preware.
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    Thanks, FUNNY...I posted about where to find it in an old article back in February. Couldn't find it in the threads but Google found it when I was able to get a search from my desktop computer.

    Is there an easy way to search old articles from the PreCentral site or is Google the only option?

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