View Poll Results: How much will you be willing to pay for an office document editing app for webOS?

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  • Not willing to pay/Not Interested

    20 10.31%
  • $0.01-$4.99

    17 8.76%
  • $5-$9.99

    25 12.89%
  • $10-$19.99

    91 46.91%
  • $20-$49.99

    39 20.10%
  • $50-$99.99

    1 0.52%
  • $100 or more

    1 0.52%
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    Today, on twitter, @quickoffice noticed that the QuickOffice ideas poll has over 2500 votes for webOS at this point, and then asked how much we would be willing to pay for it.

    My thoughts are that it must stay under $20 for the full version to garner the sales a document editing suite for webOS deserves. I would also say, that, eventually, the price for any app on webOS must come to parity for the same app on iphone, so we are are really looking at $10-$20 at current prices.

    BUT, if I could have it today, I would personally pay $100 for a native document editing solution. But that's just because I'm that desparate.

    The answers to the poll are private.

    Edit: just for clarification, this is for a full MS office (word, excel, powerpoint) compatible document editing with cloud (read: googledocs) integration as well as local file saving on the device. Take a look at Quickoffice connect for iphone on the quickoffice website to get more detailed information.
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    I don't want to pay even 1 cent more than any other mobile. why do we have to pay more than other phone?
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    Quote Originally Posted by savager View Post
    I don't want to pay even 1 cent more than any other mobile. why do we have to pay more than other phone?
    Because there are fewer WebOS users.
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    all the other smart phones i have owned have come with this included! it is a bit much having to pay extra for it!!!
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    I'd pay $20 just to be able to read PDFs!
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    Quote Originally Posted by kdoggg View Post
    all the other smart phones i have owned have come with this included! it is a bit much having to pay extra for it!!!
    You paid for it in the price of the phone. Certainly, nobody wrote the software for free.
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    I think $20 is reasonable. Any thing more would be excessive.
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    I'd pay up to $35. On a WebOS tablet with bluetooth keyboard it would be worth even more.

    See this photo render of just such a device in another thread:
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    It really depends on the quality of the app. If it basically gives me full MS Office functionality, then I'll pay a ton. If it gives me basic editing, then I won't.
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    We have "Scratch", it's better than nothing, I gave it 5 stars.
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    Around $20, too much over that and you'd lose me.
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    it should be free. Something this major should be paid for by Palm.
    simple as that.

    I can't afford having to by the same programs for every computer and now my phones. I'll wait till HP just pays for palm to do it their selves
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    Between using LaTex and not being able to wrap my head around the absurdity of trying to document edit on a phone...not interested. If I were in the position that it would be that necessary, I'd stop bsing around and buy a netbook.
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    wow, people would pay for this much?
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    I'd be willing to pay under $20 for all the capabilities I had on my Treo 755, no doubt
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    Up to 20 bucks I would pay. It would be nice if it were free, but I think it is reasonable for it to be a paid app. Many new phones at least offer editing, if not creation of documents.
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    I had to vote "Not willing to pay/Not Interested" because I've had this capability on all my previous palm devices and never used them to much of a pain in the *** on a handheld screen imo. But obviously there are many people who want/need this so I hope webos gets it.
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    Up to $20. Anything more than that, developer is just being greedy and taking advantage of a desperate user base (which the majority of us are)
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    For as little as I would use it on my Pre...I would probably only pay about $5. However, I would be willing to pay more for an app on a webOS tablet.
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    Like someone already mentioned, it would depend on the functionality of the app. For the most basic features I wouldn't pay more than 7 bucks. For good functionality I would pay 20.
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