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    I am a long-time user of HandyShopper on Palm, and I still run it on Classic. I'm looking for a friendlier replacement though. So far, I've considered:

    • Shopping List
    • TealShopper
    • Shopping Manager

    Shopping Manager looks like the best so far, but I've gotten used to everything syncing with the web in these days of Synergy. I would be willing to consider a web application that doesn't even have a Pre component to it, although I haven't been able to find any.

    I mainly use this not as a shopping list, but to keep my packing list for frequent trips. So the main things I need are:
    • a list of items with quantities
    • all the items can be reset to zero easily
    • the items can be categorized
    • easy import from HandyShopper would be a plus

    I suppose Google Spreadsheets is another possibility.

    I would have added hyperlinks to the software listed above but apparently I can't until I have made 10 posts in these forums.
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    I've tried a few but I keep coming back to Shopping Manager. You could also use Remember the Milk or Toodledo which both have webos clients.
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    I use Toodledo, but it (along with RTM) really do not seem applicable to a set grouping of items that I want to reset and organize by quantity repeatedly.
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    Google Spreadsheet support will be in the next big update of Shopping Manager.

    VivaLV Software
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    I have been using the paid version of Shopping Manager and it is everything I could ask for.

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