it's kind of frustrating lately when listening to Slacker for more then a couple hours my Sprint Pre starts acting up to where I have to restart the phone. Issues include: random too many card notifications and slacker is the only thing going, left side of gesture pad and left side of task bar unresponsive, when I go to close cards they stop halfway stay there then bounce back to full screen, if I open another app like my chat or something with a menu when I tap what I want to open the menu flicks either up or down and those are just a few quirks. I know it's Slacker because all day long I'll be power using my Pre with multiple apps running and multiple web browsers. However once I close everything out open Slacker after a little while of use the phone acts like this. Most of the time just closing Slacker app down wait a few min for it to completely shut down everything is back to normal. Except starting yesterday now I have to reset the whole device after I use Slacker. Is there an issue or update I missed lately? And is anyone else noticing this?