Just going to go on general complaints and suggestions.

A LOT dimmer screen availability. I want it to be able to go as dark as when its at like 10%-20% battery dim. The current "dimmest" is not dim enough.

Just go ahead and add more app pages, or the availability for them. Seriously I don't want to have to patch my phone for this stuff.

The way the "Phone" app works needs to be better. It's really awkward sometimes when ending calls/answering calls/anything really.

Maybe a default number option for like certain apps. I have a friend who has 2 phone numbers, one for calling and one for texting(has a text app on ipod touch), but I have to go through both numbers when trying to call and when trying to text. Just an idea.

Lately on 1.4(and there's been some weird things of right when the screen turns off if you try to turn it back on immediatly it'll lock the screen turning on for like 10 seconds, but all the buttons pressed work because when i open it back up it'll have random letters pressed in.

PLEASEEE get with dataviz and get on that doc editing program. Just saying.

The UI in the Quick Launch is really weird sometimes. Like literally IN BETWEEN the card view there's like that fade away going on but its like cut off inbetween the pages and if you're on the last page, left or right, its cut off there too. Just weird little things.

THANKS PALM I love my pre and would never trade it in, I think it's the best phone out there and as long as you keep releasing APIs, new features(mojo messaging service) and other things I think we'll be great.