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    I love the idea of a WebOS tablet.
    Today I took some time to create one in 3D.
    I would like to get some opinions... notice it is still a work in progress.
    I added a dock because I like the touchstone so much... this could act as a charging station as well as a media center.

    Please throw some Ideas out there!


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    I see no image.
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    Sorry I fooled it up... I will try again.

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    looks nice. I'd buy it
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    I'm going to do more on it. Add some details and do a hi res. rendering and some nice environment.
    I wonder do people like the idea of a dock?

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    I like the dock, maybe a little smaller though, but still sturdy. Do have the gesture area on there?
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    Good job! Nice render
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    I hope we get more quick launch icons :P
    "When there is no more room in hell, the dead will walk the earth"

    PM me your questions, If I cant find an answer, I'll show you who can.
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    Ah... good point. Certainly will need the gesture area. I can't believe I forgot that.
    Smaller as in width or depth? It would be nice of the tablet could attach to the dock both horizontal and vertical.... The tablet itself in tilted back about 15 to 20 degrees on the dock. I will make some changes.
    Any Idea where usb, etc. could be located?


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    Ha ha yes. Indeed I will add more.

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    Do you think the open cards will be in portrait or landscape mode? I think landscape makes more sense since that's how the programs will be displayed.
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    I would think the gesture areas would be in the corners , where the hands would most likely be holding the unit.
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    Quote Originally Posted by brentdowney View Post
    Sorry I fooled it up... I will try again.

    I noticed you moved the alerts to the bottom left rather than right any particular reason why?
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    I agree with the gesture areas since the cards are all mostly portrait. Putting it on the dock in landscape more for video. etc.

    Back to work. LOL
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    Quote Originally Posted by brentdowney View Post
    Sorry I fooled it up... I will try again.

    Nice! I do 3D graphics as well, and was actually thinking about doing something similar. Since you've already made some progress on that front, let me throw out a couple of ideas I had.

    1. Rather than just a plain dock, I was thinking it would be really cool if the dock was actually a Bluetooth keyboard with some type of touchstone built in. Like the keyboard had a groove along the back that you would set the tablet down into, with a TS charger in the middle of it. And the tablet would have coils built into it along the edge in two spots on the back (i.e. bottom and one side) so you could use it either horizontally or vertically.

    2. The other thought I had was on the interface. Since you could have gesture areas all around the screen, it would be neat if you could swipe in from one side or the other to open some desktop widgets.
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    if you had gesture areas on the side, like if you were holding it like a steering wheel, and you could slide your thumbs in to bring up a launcher like when you swipe up on your pre, that would be sweet.

    i dont remember where i saw it, but there was some mock-up of a tablet awhile back where the keyboard was split with the idea that you would type with your thumbs. i wish i could find that.
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    I was thinking for the dock, you could have it like the touchstone but have it raised up (kind of like a tower), so you would be able to place the tablet on the touchstone and still have that 30 degree angle. This way it wouldn't really matter where the usb port was, you could have it displayed portrait or landscape. I would like the gesture area to be on both the vertical and horizontal sides and depending on which direction you are holding the device you could disable it so you don't accidentally swipe something when you don't want too. hope you understood this, I have like this perfect image of what "my" perfect tablet would be (and webos is part of it)
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    Is there a URL to share the image so that users without Precentral forum accounts can view it?

    I would like to add that reducing external accessories will make this a practical device. An integrated kickstand for portrait and landscape viewing would be great.

    Less accessories = portable
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    Some excellent ideas! Thanks.

    GMoney, can you do a quick 3D mock up of your idea? Maybe incorporate the 2 ideas into one. What software do you use?

    I totally agree with reducing external accessories.
    I really like the idea of vertical and horizontal gesture areas as well as vertical and horizontal docking.

    Is there somewhere in the forums where we could start a project and keep the image updated? I'm not sure of where I can host it at the moment.

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    Very nice idea...if we have a compatible office by then and mic api (Skype) this would be my device...SD card slot front camera and all the mojo included...and a nice DAW would fit into it too...Firewire anyone...and USB 3.0...not to forget...
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