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    Uh, I don't know. I like the mock-ups (best IMO is NoRemores's), but the ideas on the UI are kinda crazy. I love the idea of two apps open at the same time and being able to drag information from one app to another but I believe there is a more simple way of doing this. First this tablet has to have full multi-touch built into webOS. When having two or more apps open, we keep the current scrolling of linear apps but we do a two fingered "swipe" gesture to page the apps (move all apps off the current screen to the next page of apps in the same linear line) or just add the number of fingers to how many apps you want to scroll. If you want 3 apps to the right or left, three fingers. Next when two or more apps are open, we press on both apps and drag them to either side of the screen to anchor them to the sides. Thus allowing two apps simultaneously open. Now if these are connectible we can take two fingers and pinch inwards (one finger on each app) to activate the connection. Now this connection allows us to drag and drop certain information using a long press, kinda like how you can change the arrangement of notifications. I feel that this is a little more simple than other methods explained.

    Palm|HP could even make a better mini-app to facilitate the copy or dragging of info from one-to-one apps. Lets call this mini-app "the slider". When having one app open we can drag our fingers in a similar pinch gesture from the bottom of the slider allowing one finger to stay on the gesture area and one dragging outward to the middle of the screen. The Slider app now asks you what would you like to drag. Drag and drop using a long press the field you would like to copy. The Slider app goes transparent when doing this long press and dragging until dropped into the slider. Now we do an advanced swipe in the gesture area to bring up the app we wish to drop our information and repeat the process in a backwards motion. The slider app would be great for the phone and the multi app anchor would be useful to the tablet version when there is much more screen real estate.

    I really think they are going to have two separate operating systems for different form factors. The screen, battery, and processing power is just going to be so different.
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    Refined the look a bit, liked the OP's inclusion of a dock So I added a dock connector (not shown in first image) I swapped out for more palm-esque icons, and made a dock. The dock has USB ports in the back (for keyboards, storage, etc...) and is the charger for the device. Construction is similar to the famed iPhone HD/4, so it's beveled glass on a sad blasted aluminum case. Entire glass front is a capacitive sensor, so gestures would be made on the 0.5" wide 'frame' around the screen. For size reference, the screen is 11" diag., widescreen. So about the size of a note pad, which is the thing this would replace in my bag.

    NOTE: Yea, they keyboard looks sh!tty, I didn't feel like modeling one and decided to quickly photoshop one in.

    Any thoughts?

    update attached:
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    those are suweet! mind if i twitpic this? will credit it to you of course
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    Quote Originally Posted by bulls96 View Post
    those are suweet! mind if i twitpic this? will credit it to you of course
    Who me? go ahead and share mine (I just updated it). You can credit me if you'd like @briantroberts (assuming you're talking about mine)
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    I really like all that mockups, but without that stupid keyboards.
    The ideas are great but I don't think that little ext-keyboard it's good thing.

    @NoRemorse - I just love that shiny facebook theme That three-columns-design are great!
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    Quote Originally Posted by brentdowney View Post
    I will have a 220 frame animation to show some progress later this evening.
    A co-worker was looking at the mockup I have thus far...with a swiveling display stand (touchstone pad) that has the keyboard detachable from the stand. It looks pretty neat.

    Is the animation ready? I'd love to see it.
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    Hey, I posted an animation in another thread.... Heres a youtube link.

    like the look of that noremorse...
    I started a new one at work... More like the pre as far as shape and contour. I may add a pull out keyboard.


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    @noremorse nice job.... just put an gesture area on the keyboard!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by brentdowney View Post
    Hey, I posted an animation in another thread.... Heres a youtube link.


    I would buy that in a second. These mockups are so cool. Brent, I really really like that stand!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tyndall View Post
    I want that C40!
    The mockup looks sweet but a 4.3" would probably lead to a device which is too big for comfortable one-handed use. A landscape slider would probably work better in this form factor.
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