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    Just voted. Looks like you're in 3rd place. Good luck.
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    Wow, I can't believe I made it this far... I owe a lot of that to you guys! Only 7h 20m left in the contest! Can I make it to over 400 to insure this win?

    Thank you SO much guys, I'm really grateful for all of this and expect a big followup post about this if I get myself that Pre Plus!

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    And... it's... OVER!!!

    Winners Announced! pocketnow Turns Ten Contest, Sponsored by Wirefly

    Thank you SO much guys... I know you guys were a huge (most likely the BIGGEST) source of support to me in this contest, and I want you to know I'd like to try to return the favor in any way I can.

    There'll be another post soon in this forum (once I get my Pre Plus!).

    Thanks so much, PreCentral!
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    Well done on the win, your app is gooood, so deserved it. sincerely hope you enjoy your new pre plus, make sure to find out what it can realy do though.
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