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    Say I am going to a store later today, but do not know the exact time I'll be there. It would be great if the phone would remind me what to buy once I get there.
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    already exists.
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    Geostrings and Geotasks.
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    Does Geotasks have to be running to alert you or can I turn it off after setting the alert?
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    both of them can be closed

    Geotasks has a homebrew free version
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    There's also "Space Alarm"
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    Geostrings is the bomb!
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    *In a great way
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    You can try out GeoStrings for free for 10 days. The trial version has all of the features of the full version. Here's a link: GeoStrings Free

    Also be sure to check out my videos posted in my signature to learn more about GeoStrings.
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