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    im worried for the Palm roll out on AT&T. I can tell you that the sales staff only cares about the iphone. Sales consultants grumble when any mention is made of the Palm product line and I have been told by even the manager that the Palm stuff is junk and "we're never gonna sell any of them" Obviously I'm not talking about all AT&T people just the ones here. any thoughts on this?
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    i think u gotta set that store on fire...jk..dont do it
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    is this a genuine AT&T company store, or a mall kiosk?

    Now that we know the first demo units for AT&T are going to be dummy units, that manager might be right. You have to see WebOS to understand how cool it is. Of course, that's because Palm advertising never shows what the phone is doing in their "image ads" rather than demonstrating actual tasks like the iPhone commercials do...
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    This is the first Anti-Palm AT&T store I've heard of. Seems like other reps like it:

    HowardForums: Your Mobile Phone Community & Resource - ATT Rep: Palm Pre Plus and Pixi Plus

    Or they could still be in the "bash the Sprint Pre" mode, remember those slides when the Sprint Pre launched?
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    from wat I kno and experienced is dat dummy phones will go to 3rd party retailers..such as best buy, da shack, mall kiosks. All corporate stores should have displays set up and real demo phones running. I shop around for best pricing and b4 I really buy my pre..went to corporate store to test it and play wit it.
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    Either their are apple fanatics, or maybe the iphone just gives them more commission. When I worked at a sprint store regular smart phones were great, but I pushed nextel first because it gave you more commission.
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    Well, in the hunt for a release date this past week, I have spoken to about 5 or 6 different stores and at least 10 different reps combined from those stores and none have said anything bad about the pre, and at least half seemed to genuinaly like it with the other half being indifferent. One rep did bash the sprint pre, but then claimed the AT&T version better because palm "fixed" it and that on AT&T it's good. So far from what I hve seen, the vibe seems pretty good.
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