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    Whenever i try using the instant messaging it takes a really, relaly long time to send out a message, does anyone else have this problem and/or know how to fix this problem?
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    Mine doesn't even work. It has and never did. Messenger on webos is just basically joke.
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    It rarely works if im not on wifi...even then it cuts out and says Im online but doenst send or recieve messages...we need a proper IM app
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    go into options, and connect your services from there, you have to put in your password everytime but it works.

    when it works messenging on the pre is perfect. you get all services in one window. i have some people who i talk to over icq, xmpp and sms, and the whole conversation is in one place.

    the only downfall is, that the signing in in the buddy list does not work correctly, you get the list, but sending takes forever.
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    @Dante lol noob. Go cry to the iphone kids.
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    MAnditory messaging plug-ins ... plug.

    MSN messenger and facebook chat plus much more with this app. Works with the built in services and just adds more accounts to add. Works well.
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    works for me just drains my battery
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    I don't use it much, but have NEVER had a problem as long as I have a data connection (EV, 1x, or WiFi).

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