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    Lets Hope HP doesn't 'Play Out' WebOS... i'm kinda scared seeing put WebOS on everything and anything... i don't want it over saturated just yet.. it still needs to cook a little more. I just don't want HP to turn everything up so hi.. that we burn it out...
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    I have a strange feeling about HP's targeted demographics.

    My feeling is they will target grandmas and soccer moms with this OS.

    "Receive emails on your conventional oven today!"
    "Multi-task on your toaster"
    "Use card view to adjust heating on your radiator"

    ugh!! I hope not.
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    I don't think that will be a problem, because I don't think that anyone would buy it and they want to make money.

    Look at where Microsoft and Google try to put their stuff, and that's where you will see WebOS.

    FOr example, cable set-top boxes, DVRs, Ford Sync. GPS, MP3 Player (which is what I hope they do first... like the iPod Touch but with WebOS...), and Printers

    I don't think you will be seeing WebOS staplers or or toasters any time soon.

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