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    Do you think a WebOS tablet will bring Dataviz back to the table for developing Documents To Go for WebOS? One of the things that HP must do in the notepad market is penetrate the Apple iPads market lead. The only way to do that is to produce a product that has all the things that the iPad lacks (USB port, expandable memory, camera, Flash, user replaceable battery, ability to print, decent MS Office compatible app - just to name a few). Most of the hardware issues are easily solved, but WebOS still lacks a MS Office compatible app. This is an opportunity for Dataviz to step forward with a touch screen version of Documents to Go for WebOS. Documents To Go on a large screen format could be the killer App that makes an HP WebOS tablet competitive with the iPad.
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    I feel as if developers will definitely develop for WebOS knowing some kind of advanced hardware is underway.
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    I think with a tablet and a faster processor, Google Docs will work perfectly. I would prefer a cloud based solution to anything that DataViz can come up with.

    I really loath DataViz. They come out with a worthless update every 6 months and charge you another $49 bucks to update. It costs dam nearly a hundred bucks a year to use their buggy software.
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    I agree with rc46. Keeping DtG up-to-date is an expensive proposition. I'd be happier to see HP/Palm partner with another developer for an Office suite.
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    No. WebOS doesn't need Dataviz to Dethrone the iPad. Currently, the iPad is like the kid who creates an exclusive club and lets nobody but himself in. Its the only thing in it's category. WebOS, if not any other competitor will be able to easily dethrone the iPad when it comes out.
    Hint: That's actually Apple's strategy. After it lost all competition to Windows 95, Apple decided to become the best in a new category that nothing else falls into(ex. iPod, iMac, iPhone/iTouch, Macbook Air, iPad)

    It is only a matter of time
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    Screw DataViz. Open Office Mobile, and I'm in heaven.
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    I'm done DTG...start fresh with someone else who will appreciate it's customer loyalty!!
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    screw dtg. If I could I would find ways to get dtg for free to any and all users possible
    In a world of droid, Pre does it better.

    Shouldn't we treat this world like the Garden of Eden and avoid the apple at all costs?

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