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    The reactions to the Palm buyout by HP are quite similar. I read quite often, that webOS on a tablet would an obvious innovation. HP and Palm also hinted a lot in that direction.
    But is that really so? The reason why webOS is praised, is because of the unique and well thought user experience. The card view is a central concept as well as the unobtrusive notifications. Gestures are the most important type of interaction.
    All of these features are specialized to 2.5" to 4" or even 7" portrait screens. Imagine to dismiss a notification on a 10" landscape screen. You would have to move your whole arm instead of an easy swipe with your finger. Also the notification would use the full width of such a screen. This seems a little awkward to me. The same when you switch to a different card. We've all seen the mockup of the slate running webOS: The cards still have the orientation and the aspect ratio of the Pre, which witout a doubt looks nice, but who wants to run pre-Apps on a tablet, wasting a lot of screen real estate?
    It's obvious: The concept of user interaction with a webOS slate has to be rethought for it to be a convenient and seamless experience.
    Any ideas?
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    notifications can pop up on the bottom somewhere without taking up the whole bottom. maybe they could just pop up as a 3 inch bubble. Maybe you could even make them show up wherever you wanted . I think being able to customize a tablet would make the experience that much better.

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