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    yeah....thats wat i went to wen i first got...the HELP app
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    Don't be too mean to people for not being able to work out how to use their phones and how to access information. They are not necessarily stupid.

    My Pre is my first smartphone.

    Luckily I'm pretty Internet-savvy so found preCentral immediately. There are plenty who wouldn't do that e.g. I work in social would not believe how non-technical most of the people I work with are. Even extending down to reading help files.

    But I needed to ask how to find the Apps catalogue, it was not immediately obvious to me how to change pages because I didn't know you could.

    Fortunately the little instruction booklet told me the basics and I went on from there. I have now figured out the Help files are actually useful and that I can follow them so I'm working my way through. But there is masses of stuff that I don't even know I can do yet let alone work out how to do.
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    Don't worry. Now that HP is in charge people will soon be all about webOS. Even the very dumb people who don't know how to use the camera app and would rather return the phone than play with it for a few minutes.
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    Quote Originally Posted by rlanza1054 View Post
    If it hasn't been stated already, the manual is on the phone itself!

    Go to 'Help', the whole manual is there!

    They don't cut down trees anymore for this stuff, nobody does!

    I don't believe the WHOLE User Guide is in Help. I downloaded the pdf from at&t site which is 224 pages long. I put it on my Pre BUT Pdf View cannot open it.
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    I might be wrong but I seem to remember the basic functions being shown in that little intro movie, and I think it referred people to a Help section. I bet that even if it did come with a manual there would be a great many people who wouldn't even crack it open (those people probably being the type mentioned in the OP).
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    Quote Originally Posted by 063_xobx View Post
    The mobile site sucks compared to the full site even with the faster load time
    Not if you're an old fart and have trouble reading small print.
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